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Welcome thanks for coming this is to hopefully provide for your needs.
It is dedicated to God and Jesus.
Hope it brings you happiness,peace and comfort,check back as often as you like always.
I hope you will find this website intriguing.
Bookmark this it will be updated always God bless and enjoy!


God you are talented and creative 

your powers are awesome 

there is power to your name 

thanks for your friendship 

you are in my thoughts 


Love is like a rose 

needs to be watered and fed

with caring and loving 

so it will grow 

the same with God

of a relationship with him 


Below is the bulletin board that tells what is new and added to this webpage.
Whenever new things are being added to this webpage it will be here in this bulletin board.Check back here to see if there are anything new and scroll down while reading it in the box to see the updates thanks.
On the computer you can scroll down with your mouse.The phone you can press anywhere in the box in an upward position to scroll down.To scroll back up press down.

Bulletin Board

Type in what you are looking for in the search bar regarding this webpage than click the arrow on your right side.And it will go take you to your searches.

The black button that you see down below.Click on the white play button that is in the middle to hear music.


God and Jesus you two are a star

your love for us is never far

I worship you

you are there

not just in the air

but everywhere

you care for us more than the amount of sand on the beach

it is never out of reach

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